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Joshua Stukes' life positively touched thousands of individuals during his 23 years of life. In continuation of his legacy, the Joshua Stukes Foundation Inc. will serve as a platform to young adults in the form of community involvement, open communication, resources needed to think more broadly about the future and educational programs such as safety and education.

The Stukes Family

Ashley Stukes

Alfreda "Freda" Stukes

Encouraging independence is important for young adults, but there are also many safety concerns. The Joshua Stukes Foundation Inc. provides educational seminars and resources to give young adults the needed skills to be as safe as possible. Planning ahead and teaching topics related to safety can improve and provide a safe environment, conducive to learning, where students and faculty can be free from hostility and disruptions which can negatively impact the educational process.

​We are committed to supporting and transforming young adults through educational achievements so students can thrive in their studies, careers, and adult lives. We are focused on practices and programs that help students acquire and effectively apply the knowledge, attitudes, skills and beliefs to achieve their full potential.

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